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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Of course there are the injuries. There is David Wright taking a roster spot and money away from being spent in a better way to more players that could help out. There is Cespedes who is just who is never going to come back for more then 2 games at a time. If he was a racehorse he would have been taken behind the barn already. Callaway is supposed to be some great pitching coach/pitching tactician and nothing he has done has clicked. "The team needs to gel" according to Callaway. It's June. It should have happened already. I was for the Bruce signing to bring him back, but who knew he would bring back the back pain with him. Vargas is another one that is always have some sort of issue with injuries. Thank God AJ RAMOS has to have surgery because I don't want to see him again. Conforto came back to early, Rosario still looks a tad lost. Frazier was on a nice pace before he got hurt and now has been derailed. Right now all we as Mets fans have is Nimmo and deGrom.

Mets, make a decision with where this team is going because right now, it needs to be burned down and rebuilt. Jeff Wilpon says he is fed up with the way this team is losing. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND PROVE IT.

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