Thursday, June 21, 2018

Philly Phanatic hits woman with his hot dog.

 Is this how safe we are from baseball mascots and their flying hot dogs? What about Mr Met and his t-shirt cannon? Should we worry about that? In the video she says she was sitting behind home plate when she got hit in the face by a hot dog like it was a ton of bricks. Doesn't home plate have netting? then how did she get hit? I am glad she's okay.

The Phanatic, naturally, felt terrible about what happened, and the team reached out to her on Tuesday to apologize. They even offered her tickets to another game in the future.
McVay is an avid Phillies fan, too, and said she doesn’t plan to pursue any legal action. And while it was the first time a fan was injured by a flying hot dog in Philadelphia, it’s not completely unheard of.- from yahoo sports.....

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