Thursday, June 28, 2018

Reyes Bob Murphy "Patch" Test Jersey

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JOSE REYES 2004 #7 size 44 game used road black jersey with prototype Murphy patch! 
This jersey shows medium use, and remains in fine physical condition.
Button up, beautiful size 44 Majestic jersey made from traditional knit material.  Has velcro chest closure.
"NEW YORK" name is sewn to front of jersey ; small "7" sewn below 
"REYES" name and "7" are sewn directly to back of jersey.
MAJESTIC tagging is on inside front left tail. This "Authentic" tag has a "44" size flag tag as well as a "set 4 2004" tag.  
Worn and frayed wash tag with key "0062" fabric code...
And, best of all...the patches...left sleeve has the issued "Bob Murphy" patch along with the Mets "Skyline" patch...The right sleeve has the "Shea Stadium 40th Anniversary" patch along with the "Ya Gotta Believe Tug McGraw" patch...above these patches are the covered up "other" Bob Murphy patch..previously reported on by Mets jersey expert Nick DiSalvo in 2014 on, this jersey is apparently the 3rd jersey to show up...
What they did next was take two jerseys out of circulation; both were game jerseys that had been worn on field that entire season – one of Mets Hall of Fame captain, John Franco, and the other of Ace Pitcher, Al Leiter. They shipped both jerseys to their official stitcher, “Stitches of Whitestone,” whereby the Mets embroiderers went to work. They mocked up 2 different embroideries for Bob Murphy (one on each sleeve); hence, turning these 2 game used jerseys into working prototypes, and then sent both back to the Mets for a decision as to what the team wanted for their entire lot of uniforms.
The Mets then selected the arc-shaped “B O B M U R P H Y” that you’re all familiar with, which appears above the skyline patch on the left sleeve, as follows:
Finally, you might be wondering how I have this information, especially the photos? Well, I’m the proud owner of both the Franco and Leiter jerseys. As a matter of fact, the Franco jersey is hanging in the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum for the 2014 season, as this year’s theme is “Mets Captains.” Do come down and take a look for yourself!

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