Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sandy Anderson Taking Medical Leave of Absence from the Mets

Man, that sucks that Sandy Alderson’s cancer has returned. I hope the treatments don’t kick his ass and he regains his full health. I know stress doesn’t help with cancer.
From the NY Daily News....

Sandy Alderson is taking an immediate leave of absence from his role as Mets general manager the team announced Tuesday ahead of their home game against the Pirates.
The Mets cited health concerns as the reason for the decision. Alderson then revealed his cancer had returned in April and he is undergoing chemo.
Alderson, 70, was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer in December of 2015, roughly a month after the Mets lost to the Royals in the World Series. He missed the Winter Meetings in early 2016 as he underwent chemotherapy and later had surgery related to the illness in May of 2016.
He will no longer have decision-making authority like he did during his previous leave of absence in 2016.
“I’m not sure coming back is warranted,” said a candid and somber Alderson.
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