Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What do the Mets do?

Do the Mets have youth to filter into this team? Do the Mets have a sitcom that stars Yo and Wright since they aren’t playing? What can this team do to stop being snake bit?
Things would certainly feel less dire for the Mets if the homegrown hitters who are going to form the core of this team for the foreseeable future take to the big leagues as quickly as so many of the much-more-balleyhooed pitchers did when they started arriving here in 2013.
Brandon Nimmo has endeared himself to the faithful with his hustle and his smile. Michael Conforto is a riddle, a contributor to a World Series team in 2015 and an All-Star in ’17, and barely playable in the alternating years.
And then there is the Smith-Rosario tandem, who would do well to change this team’s narrative by reaching — and dare we say, exceeding? — their potential. It’s a change that would do everyone, from the GM on down, a world of good.
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Can the Mets finally figure this out at all? BTW I expect one of the Mets to be bit by a Rattlesnake while in AZ this weekend.

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