Monday, June 25, 2018

When does the sell off aka “Sell the Team” begin?

Folks keep telling the Wilpons to “Sell the Team” and it looks like they will, but not the way fans want. I’m really hoping they can send Jay Bruce to an AL team. He wouldn’t have to play a position every day and could DH when his back isn’t a 100 percent. If he goes to a team that is deep with hitters he would fill in a 5 or 6 slot in  some teams line up.
 Familia. He could be a good piece to some teams bullpen. If not as a closer at least as a set up man for a team in the hunt for the playoffs. He’s a free agent at the end of the year so it would make sense to move him.
Syndergaard. Out of deGrom and Thor, I’d snd Syndergaard out for some good players in return. If you can send him AL bound so the Mets don’t have to face him often.
The whole bullpen except Gsellman. I feel like he could be the Mets next closer. Yeah he had a rough day the other day but I think he can grow to be more confident in the role and do some damage to opposing hitters.
I personally like Frazier. I like the signing. He had some great momentum going on before he got hurt and then he got derailed.
So “Sell the Team” looks like it’s coming.....

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