Friday, June 29, 2018

Mets: Cespedes will he ever be healthy?

Yo, What’s up? Do you really want to play or are you happy having a paid vacation this system. I know the Mets wanted to bring in character players, but I think they bought in one character....
From the NY Post
Since then the team is only playing worse and has the same amount of wins (32) as the tear-down-and-start-over Marlins. In October 2015, when Cespedes was a conquering hero for the Mets, it was the Royals who won that World Series in five games. The Royals, like the Mets, have fallen on hard times and are 25-55. Only the 23-56 Orioles are worse.

That World Series seems like so long ago, and Mets fans are lost in despair and anger. Every day brings a new frustration. Not having Cespedes in the middle of the lineup hurts in so many ways.

The Mets will not say it publicly, but they are growing a bit weary of waiting on Ces. It’s interesting to note Callaway inserted Michael Conforto in left field Wednesday in the cataclysmic 5-3 loss to the pitiful Pirates, when Jeurys Familia and Anthony Swarzak imploded on the mound.
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What do the Mets do with Cespedes? Should they release him and eat the contract? Put him on 60 day DL? Is is contract covered with insurance? When/if he comes back this season, what do you do with Nimmo? He deserves the playing time? What do you do with Conforto then? Do you sacrifice his development and playing time for Cespedes? Then you have the Jay Bruce Conundrum. Do you play him RF? First base? Does he ever get healthy? Who can you ship off to other teams to open room?

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