Monday, June 18, 2018

Mets using art of distraction on fans?

This is from the NY Post-
It’s taken six years in the Mets system for McNeil to get his first legitimate shot at his major league debut, and he doesn’t want to miss that, either. With the Mets floundering and the minor league talent thin, they’re testing and positioning the prospects they do have.

McNeil and Alonso are now a step away, and recent first-round picks Justin Dunn and David Peterson recently were bumped up, to Binghamton and St. Lucie, respectively.

If the roster spot clears up, McNeil knows his long wait in the minors could be over. But with a newly powerful swing, the aging prospect said he doesn’t think this is his last chance.
Read more here from the NY Post
MG- hmmm talking about McNeil and Alonso now. Think the Mets are trying to hype these guys up so when they start trading players we fans feel like we will be okay with these players? I’m feeling that way. Trying to be magicians here and use the art of distraction on us fans.

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