Monday, June 4, 2018

The Yankees VS ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Man this might be the only time I will ever be pulling for the Yankees. Sunday Night Baseball Sucks. The  thing about it is that they should move it back to 7pm and let all the teams and folks know about the time when the schedule is announced. None of this “we decided we like the team x and team y to play this upcoming Sunday.

ESPN sucks. You can read the whole thing here  at the NY Daily News.
If the Yankees are forced to play Sunday night on July 8, the Yankee management and players are said to be prepared for an all-out war with ESPN in which they will refuse all interviews — pre-game, in-game and postgame — with ESPN broadcasters.
That’s the last thing baseball needs – an ugly situation leading up the All-Star Game in which one of their signature teams is refusing to cooperate with the network broadcasting it.
Time for Mr. Manfred to assert his commissionership here. It should be a no-brainer. Just tell ESPN to pick another game. How hard is that? If they refuse, then we’ll know who’s really running baseball; that baseball has no problem with a team playing three games in 24 hours with little or no sleep.

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