Friday, June 1, 2018

OABT- S2 E22: The search is on for a new co-host. All the latest Mets topics and more.

We’re searching for a new co-host, and Josh Oshinsky from Sports Illustrated filled in with Darren this week. Johan Santana's HI57ORY is 6 years old, Noah is on the DL, Matz is banged up, the bullpen has been stinking, AND Citi Field was actually ON FIRE this week. Crack a cold one and spend the next hour catching up with us.
Josh also broke some good news for T7LA fans. "Loyal to the Last Out" will be distributed on certain SI TV platforms starting tomorrow, 6/1, and both Loyal and "Tears of Joy" will air on SI TV in the coming weeks. Check out and follow @watch_sitv for more details.
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