Monday, June 4, 2018

Mike's Bike from Stranger Things

Not Met's related but I thought it was something cool. It reminded me of the bike I had in the 1980's when the Mets did win a Championship. Hey, I guess I did make it Mets related.

Schwinn and Netflix decided to put out this replica of Mike's bike from Stranger Things today. It was limit to 500 pieces.

‘Mike’s Bike’ features retro-inspired high-rise ape handlebars, a working front suspension, a banana-style seat, a working headlight, bell, and even a set of wheel pegs for carrying passengers—even those without eery mental powers.
The whole thing comes in a matching Stranger Things-themed box, and Schwinn promises there’s a bunch of other Easter Eggs and nods to the show hidden all over the bike.
Just keep in mind that the first 500 callers don’t actually win the bike, they only win the opportunity to purchase the bike, which will sell for $379. So you can expect collectors across the country to be speed dialing that 1-800 number. It might just be easier to hit up eBay a few hours later if you really want to cruise around for monsters in style.
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