Sunday, June 3, 2018

Holy Crap! That Mets GameSucked Last Night 

deGrom is a Pitcher. He is the ace of the Mets. He goes out does his business gets out of jams, strikes batters out, and is fun to watch. What’s not fun to watch is a team that can’t hit. How much more does deGrom have to do for this team? How much!!!!????!!?? It’s starting to remind me of when Johan Santana was pitching great and got no run support.
Hey yesterday was so bad that the Mets Todd Frazier Pullover BP jersey giveaway was messed up.

This was the email we got from the Mets insider and not only that the rumor is that the jerseys were misspelled and said “NETS” on the front and not the Mets. Maybe not all the jerseys were misprinted and that’s why there were a few floating around for when they showed them on TV. But how do you not do quality control and check your giveaways when they come. Come on guys. This goes back to a lot of half assing that this organization does with running things. Granted they did the right thing with giving out leftover Conforto and free night Friday shirts along with the voucher to redeem the Frazier jersey by mail.
Back to the game- that game felt like it went on for a week. Fans are getting beaten down by this team right now. No one can hit. The bullpen is a horror show. Wait let me fix that. Besides a good few pitchers in the Pen, it’s trash. If I heard that my life depended on the the BP pitching well, I would say my good byes to my family and friends.
What can the Mets do to fix this? How?

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