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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Let's go down the @Mets security rabbit hole at Citi Field.

This is the tweet that started it all tonight. Got the text from my sister. I get 9/11 is today, but the security issues have been going on for a while. The backpack ban was supposed to move the lines and  be better for the fans. This all sounds like crap to me. 

Do the Mets have any credible threats being reported to them? Are fans in danger? 
Should they be telling us?

Mets. What is is the policy here? Who is training these guys?

Security have been acting jerky before this week I get what Chalula is saying though. If this was the only few days stuff like this happened, I get it.

Security guard doesn't know what airbuds are? Come on. Training.

One more tweet then I am going to emails.

Here's one email from a plan holder that renewed his tickets

This past Sunday my wife was at the bag check. The security woman was poking around in her bag and she lifted my wife's wallet out. She asked what is this? She started to try to open it and examine it. My wife said it is a wallet what do you think it is? The security lady then opened my wife's glasses case. She has very expensive glasses. I was waiting near the ticket taker when she was at the check bag table. She looked upset when she got to me. I asked her what is wrong? She told me the story and she thought the security lady was rude and unfriendly. I said lets find a supervisor or go inside to Mets customer service. She said no just forget it. I could tell it bothered her. 
This was Sunday. I have been to other venues. MSG, Jones Beach, Barclays Center, and you know what? Almost every time I had an interaction with Security going in was pleasant. If i pinged because of my belt there was a joke showed them the belt and then they were satisfied made another joke about it and went on my way. Not with the Mets security these days. A lot of them have just been acting jerky. And if you guys think this was just because of this week, here are some posts from last month.

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You guys might think I am crazy but if enough of this is going on to other folks there is something that needs to be fixed at the ballpark. I am not condemning the security aspect of a crowd going to venues where there is a possibility of stuff happening. I am condemning the way it is being implemented.

This happened outside of an arena. When? When a ton of folks we're leaving. 

Here's what some venues are doing also.

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