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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Even Todd Frazier has had enough of Matt Ehalt.

I don't know why Ehalt is so pompous a writer. He might be trying to take the "Heel" route of writing and try to get 
people to follow him because they hate him but even the Mets players are calling him out. Ehalt was hired by Yahoo
 to write for their ill fated, ill advised named Queens Baseball Club. (The story about that is here.). I don't know if he 
is being schticky or if he believes his own hype. But I have notrun into someone that has ever actually read his stuff 
and said hey, nice job on that. In fact, I don't think I have ever run into anyone who has even said they have read his 
stuff but just follow him on twitter because of how bad his tweets are. Now he has players getting on his case. 
You can see what Frazier said to him above.

This one really made me laugh

How much longer will Matt be writing for yahoo?

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