Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Darren(@the7line) had a great Idea for @the7LineArmy tonight, which I am going to borrow for tomorrow's game.

The 7Line Army is going to be out at Citi Field tonight. 
Darren said since the crew isn't going to be there tomorrow 
for the 9/11 game that maybe they should wear 
first responder caps in the Big Apple reserve tonight. 
I know that Citi Field sells some NYPD/FDNY caps with
 the Mets NY on them. If you want to buy those because 
it's easier for you to buy there. go for it. There are two places 
that sell officially licensed caps also. These don't have the Mets 
NY on the cap but you could buy them, wear them 
to tonight's game.If you aren't going tonight but are going
 tomorrow, you could buy these caps and wear them to show your 
support for our first responders. These places you can buy them at 
are in Manhattan.

One is the NYC store which they have two locations downtown.
Click here for the locations.

The other place I know is the the FDNY Shop.
Click here for the location in midtown.*

The FDNY Foundation is the official non-profit organization of the New York City Fire Department.
 Your support directly assists the men and women of the FDNY To Better Protect New York
 through a number of key initiatives. When you make a donation or purchase here, you are 
making New York City safer.

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