Friday, September 6, 2019

@MarkCHealey asks "Has anyone seen @JimeBreuer lately?"

I reached out to a crack Private Eye to see if he could tell me what was going on with Jim Breuer for you Mark.

Breuer tweeted about the Mets 16 days ago.  Let me get their record since for ya…The Mets are 4-8 since August 22, worst in the NL East, 3rd worst in MLB. Stats here. The Mets won that day 2-0.  Syndergaard.  They swept the Indians.  That’s the last time Breuer mentioned the Mets on twitter, However he did mention some tour dates. Oh wait, he mentioned them in the Top 9 two days ago.

So we did hear from him. Then the next day he announced a tour. LOL.
You can see how folks perceive that Jim only pops up when the Mets are doing well. It's been a weird season for Jim.

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