Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I don't think I am going to renew my @Mets tickets next season. Mets, tell me why I should.

I have had my plan since 2009 when Citi Field opened. I have kept upgrading where I have sat and the amount of games I have gone to. This season I just lost the fervor for the ballpark itself. When I am there and in my seats I love watching the games. I have two seats in 102 and I also have two seats with the7line in the Big Apple Reserve. This season though I have just felt beaten down by the organization. There are some great folks that work at the ballpark but the bad staff is starting to outweigh the good.

The food concessions are slow as hell. No matter which one you go to now. They are just slow. Mama's of Corona on the field level is probably the fastest one still but every other place is just so slow. Is it the training? Is it the staffing? Is it the crowd not knowing how to order? Am I missing something there?

The security now. The backpack thing should have been done either before or after the season. It really hasn't made the lines move quicker at all. Also, if this is a safety concern about folks being on lines and being a soft target for possible bad folks out there. I guess they should just give out bobble head vouchers then to get them inside the park. Those bobblehead lines are ridiculous and why isn't that a safety concern? I have to say a lot of the security staff over the years have been nice. Recently they have been very jerky. Again, is it training? Is it the people they are hiring? What happened to the  "Metal Detectors are now mandatory"? 

I also had an issue a few weeks ago when I wanted to leave the game early on a bobblehead day. I had an issue at home and I had to leave before the 1st pitch. The gate staff wouldn't let me leave at first then told me to go see the supervisor. The supervisor in the Rotunda wanted to take my picture before I left like I was a criminal. "Because it was a promotion day" and they wanted my pic so I couldn't get another bobblehead by coming back in. Lucky for me I ran into one of the higher up good folks that works for the Mets that I know and he told me that there was no way they can not let me leave or have to take my pic on the way out. He would be one of the reasons why I would keep my plan. Both he and my rep are phenomenal. Stuff like this is what has soured me on having a plan.

Two seats but one item. Meh.

Amazing Met Perks

There is a really good shot of getting locked out of one that you want to do.

This is a cool perk for folks. But you have to renew early.

Don't try to go down to see this perk. You common folk aren't allowed to go down there if you aren't sitting in that section before a game. You need to reach out to your rep to do this Oh...That's right you can see the "replica" one in the Season Ticket Holder lounge.

Make sure you have the Citi card, because otherwise you don't get this perk. Shouldn't this be separated out of the perks?

Two seats $50 credit for both seats.

The biggest sticking point now is the Amazin' Pass and the various promotions that the Mets offer throughout the year now. Why should I pay almost $3500 for seats when the benefits don't outweigh the negatives. I can buy tickets off of Stubhub instead if I wanted and get those promotional tickets instead.

One of my biggest issues now is from going to other ballparks and seeing how friendly and helpful folks are around the country compared to Citi Field. When you go to Citi Field it sometimes feels like you aren't wanted there. Maybe the money I save on these tickets I can travel to some other ballparks to watch the Mets play in addition to al the traveling I do with the T7LA? I am going to keep my T7LA plan that I have for sure but Mets you have really pushed me away from wanting to renew.

As usual I know folks over at the Mets read my blog. Feel free to email me at mediagoon@gmail.com so I can give you your fair shot to rebut what I have said. 


Maryl1973 said...

I asked about going down to see your name on the dugout. The person in the STH lounge said it was a problem that had to be worked out with the security people. He advised to go down when it is allowed during batting practice. I have not tried because of my problem with steps.

Media Goon said...

You can't go down during BP unless you have seats there or have your rep with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm also considering not renewing, especially with all the ticket promos they have throughout the year. I'm tired of paying full price then the Mets strike a bunch of guys out on a road trip and tickets in my section are 80% off. It feels like a slap in the face for buying tickets in advance. The only real perk to having a plan is the postseason strip but for all the reasons you've outlined above (and that Mets Police constantly points out) watching October baseball might be almost as fun and a heck of a lot cheaper watched on my really nice TV.

The Mets new bag policy is a joke. If anything it has made lines longer and it comes off as completely arbitrary. It's another annoyance that makes people not want to go to games. Tonight I saw security hassling a guy over a tiny knife on his key chain. They said he couldn't bring it in. It was tiny. More damage could be done with one of those novelty mini bats they sell in every gift shop in the stadium. The Mets continue to do an excellent job of making going to a game as frustrating as watching Diaz pitch.