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Sunday, September 15, 2019

I went to the Mets game last night. Security edition.

I went to the Mets game last night and was dreading going through security. While I was hanging with friends at the MTA lot listening to their stories about dealing with security issues the whole last week. One of the things I didn't hear about until yesterday was that the security staff opened up cigarette packs and removed the cigarettes by hand without wearing gloves. That's out of control there. I still can't get over that they supposedly tried to pat down a toddler. 

I went to get on line at 6pm. I wanted to give myself an hour to get in just in case. I got inside the stadium in 3 minutes. Yes. 3 minutes. I don't know what was different yesterday vs. Friday night but the security wasn't invasive to me at all. I was shocked. Outright Shocked. 

Let's check out Twitter:

You can't walk in any gate? Since when?

What changed?

Good job Mets with pivoting last night and making it easier to get in. The security staff seemed more cordial and polite to the fans entering the ballpark.
I heard a few different things about Friday night. From the Security Union's contract is ending after this season and also the MLB did a security audit on
Friday night which through the security staff into a tizzy. Anyone hear anything about this? With the way everything looked on Friday night, I really think
that they might not have passed. I am going again tonight and we'll see how it looks tonight. Hopefully last night's trend continues.

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