Saturday, September 14, 2019

More @mets security gripes.

Remember the Mets banned backpacks to make the experience of getting into the stadium quicker and more convenient.I just see it getting harder and harder to get in. The Mets are in a wildcard hunt and fans should be enjoying going to games and not having to deal with this nonsense. Gothamist has a story about it from May. Read it here.

Comment on FB page

Stacks Edwards Last night , i had to take my hat off, cash out of my pocket and hold it out in front of everyone Then i was constantly wanded over and over lol i mean its a joke i said i fly to California and i get checked less. Then i had to lift up my jersey and show my belt buckle. I asked a security guy i know inside he says hes not sure but they have a problem with people sneaking in liquor, im like whattttt? But hes not sure if the two are combined. Geez at least if they were checking for weapons, but noooo they wanna make sure u dont sneak in booze lol

An email to the Mets from a reader-

Hello Mets,
 My wife and I were very excited to go to tonight's Mets game against the Dodgers. We then saw all the pictures, videos and complaints about the lines getting in last night on the Media Goon Website, Keith Blacknick twitter feed, Mets Police Website and twitter feed. Horrifying. You checked a woman's sunglass case and a pouch where she keeps her birth control pills and tampons? You patted down a toddler? Are you kidding me? You need to rethink this. People were waiting in line for well over an hour? The terrorists have won already.
My wife also had a bad security experience from last Sunday. She is weeks away from 60. What a threat she must be. You made her angry and she never gets angry. Your security guard started to open up her wallet and opened her glasses case. My wife said she was not friendly.  I wrote about it in my game survey. We have decided not to go tonight. The security hassle and lines are not worth it. The Mets better wake up. You are understaffed and some of your security people are unfriendly and overzealous. Maybe that is the type of security you want. Well us customers will vote with our wallets. Instead of the Mets game today we are going to Belmont Park where you can just walk in. No crazy security guards, metal detectors or long lines. 

My wife and I  bought a 20 game Sunday plan for next year. Please change your security methods. Also have more staffing. As my grandfather would say I must have rocks in my head for buying anything from the Mets. If you don't change things we will not attend. I will chalk it up as a life lesson.  

Thanks JS

Mets. This is what I warned you about for months. Security sucks. You lost me as a half season plan holder. I am staying with my 7Line seats only because those are my friends and family. You guys have really made this a crappy experience for all. I am attending today's game. Will be going to tomorrow's game. I can't wait to see this experience today and tomorrow first hand.

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