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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Will the Mets issue an apology for the line's to get into last nights game?

The scenario that I have foreseen and was bitching about for a while now has been
 the jerkiness of the MetsSecurity Staff. I have posted about it over and over and over 
again. From them wearing their stupid wannabe tactical vests to the attitudes of the staff 
itself, it has not been good. The Mets banned backpacks in the middle of the year in the 
guise that it was for the fans convenience, safety, and to make the lines move faster. Security is now 
rifling through every pocket in bags, in every pocketbook/wristlet. You have keys? They are going to 
look at those too. They are going to pull your things that you have folded nicely out of your bags and 
then make you rush to jam it back in. They have checked through tampons, birth control pills, and even 
supposedly tried to pat down a toddler.A TODDLER!! Mets what the hell is going on. You have already 
alienated me. I am not renewing my 1/2 season plan.You are on the verge of alienating my good, good 
friend MJ who was the Mets fan of the year a few years ago. Now you have even made diehard  fan NY1
reporter Roger Clark say that he is never coming back to a game. What the F is going on with you guys?
 Is this how you are going to treat fans from now on? Your security staff is making the TSA look like
Disney cast members. Is there going to be an apology to the fans that got there in plenty of time to get 
inside the gates and watch the game by 7:10 pitch? It really might be time for you guys to reevaluate 
your procedures before you have zero fans coming to the ballpark.

Oh and Btw look what Great American Ball Park is doing for folks with backpacks.

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