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Saturday, September 14, 2019

@mets. Besides all the security issues and lines, how do you run out of Free Shirt Friday Shirts.

Hi. We are the New York Mets. We instituted a backpack ban to speed up the lines, make it safer to
attend a Mets game, and to make the ballpark experience more convenient. In what is known as a
LOLMets moment, the Mets have now made it less convenient, slower moving, I don't know about
the safety but I do know that I don't think I feel safe with the lines that are out of control out of the 
front of the ballpark. The Mets are not making this easy on us fans security wise.

My next question is, how do you run out of tee shirts for "all" fans when you know that you have over 40,000
seats in your ballpark. I don't get the thought process. When you guys ordered these shirts were you like, "eh. we'll be out of the hunt. Attendance will be down. We only need 25-35 thousand shirts."

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