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Friday, September 27, 2019

I missed Alonso tying Judge for rookie Home Run record and I’m annoyed.

The Mets have been killing me this season and it’s not the product in the field. You guys have all heard my complaints about the Mets security staff issues so I don’t want to have to rehash it here but I think the Mets might be trolling me now.

I had to work up in the Catskills this whole week in the last few days of the mini series that I have been working on since April and it was a rough, rough week. My wife and wanted some quality time and I wanted to go to the Mets game, so I got seats behind home plate off of stubhub and decided to surprise her with a nice dinner at Pt LaFrieda’s Chop House in the Delta Club. Side note all this week I didn’t have a real meal and it was going to be nice to sit down and eat without rushing around like a maniac. We got to the Chophouse in plenty of time to catch the start of the game when we placed our orders. We both ordered burgers. It took 30 mins for our food to come out. I ordered a Rare burger which should be less than 6 mins . Wife ordered hers medium. Which should take around 12 mins at max. My burger came out medium well, The waitress was nice, sent it back and had another one made and the runner brings it out to me in 10 mins. Here’s the medium rare burger. It’s supposed to be rare. Okay I’ll go double check. This time I cut into the burger it was well done. Not as in burger was rare and they did job well done but as they might have served me a piece of charcoal.  While this was all going on we got to the bottom of the first and I’m still dealing with this issue. They comped is my wife’s food and the manager finally came out to talk to us just as Alonso ties the Rookie Home Run Record. I would have been such a great view of it in person too.Needless to say, I was beyond pissed off. I made sure to tip the waitresses Amanda who tried to fix the mistakes going on but the Manager Eric couldn’t even seem to be bothered. It’s amazing how this ballpark gets staffed. 

Just another reason that I have been super annoyed this season at the folks at Citi Field. I have told my ticket rep repeatedly to not even try to sell me on renewing my seats. I am 150 percent not renewing. Two more games after tonight. I can’t wait to see what they do to annoy me the bed two games.

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