Thursday, September 12, 2019

More fun times with @Mets fans and @citifield Security

He sent this to his rep. I also sent this to the the folks I know at @citifield.

Hi Jimmy --

Was hoping to actually track you down at the game tonight. For the first time, after attending about 40 games this season, I was required to throw out my extra AAA headphone batteries at the RF Gate. These cost at least $20. The season ticket table just asked me to email you regarding this incident, as batteries are not on the banned list. The people at the gate told me this policy has been in place "since the John Rocker days" which is surprising since this is not listed on the Mets security policies published on Am hoping you could help clarify and rectify this.


Then Hard emailed me this.

 I was at the fan services window.they called over a security supervisor who apologized, and for the lines about John Rocker, and that I should feel lucky to bring in a laptop at all because you can't at yankee stadium (he said that too!). Supervisor said he's going to talk to them.
Bummer cause i have no idea how we're up 5-0. 
There is definitely a problem with who you are hiring Mets.

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