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Friday, September 13, 2019

New Mets Survey.

Just got this survey last night. Let's see what some of the questions are:

I give it an 8. 

I think they can do more with the signage. It's good but not great. You can see folks that don't know how to navigate the ballpark get confused.

Pace of play sucks

The parking staff gets confused very easily in the main lot.

You guys know my thoughts on this. I feel safe but the security guards have been acting very jerky lately.

The Ford "machine" challenge sucks.

Mets have woken up and the team has been fun since ASG break.

Choices are good. The staff seems like they don't care about working in some of the kiosks

50/50 shot of having a good experience. 25/75 shot of having good experience with security.

These are all good.

This is a clusterf*ck trying to leave at night. I know it's more the NYPD setting up the traffic patterns but it sucks when you try to leave. The parking staff don't help.

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