Friday, March 2, 2018

Orange and Blue Thing S2 E9: Syndergaard got his groove back, T7LA’s 2018 Spring Training awards, and more Mets talk

Darren is back from Spring Training, and the boys are handing out some awards for the 2018 outing. Find out what members of The 7 Line Army went above and beyond the call of duty. Plus, the injuries are coming fast and furious...or are they? Brian says not to freak out quite yet. And Bobby Cox says Matt Harvey is back, and that's music to everyone's ears. Opening Day is just four weeks away, so as you count down the days, tune in to the number one Mets digital show on the planet.
Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live each Thursday at 6pm Eastern. We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live stream on For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review.
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