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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cespedes and X-Rays

From the NY Post

“On Tuesday, when Callaway was asked about Cespedes, he did not know Cespedes had undergone X-rays. The X-rays were negative.

If the cortisone shot works, Cespedes should be out of trouble for now.
When Callaway was asked if he was concerned Cespedes might miss the start of the season he answered, “No, just the next couple days.’’

Callaway knows how important Cespedes is to the Mets’ offense.

“He’s huge,’’ Callaway said. “You can put a guy like him in the lineup and he changes it, he changes the preparation that you have to make for advance scouting for the other team. It’s a presence that is felt.’’”

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MG- Did Callaway really not know about the X-Rays? Who didn’t tell him? Why didn’t Cespedes tell anyone how his wrist was feeling at first? Wouldn’t you know by BP how bad it feels? Where is the new medical staff and trainers on this?

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