Friday, March 23, 2018

New Game at Citi Field

From Darren over at

Citi is bringing a new in-game feature, "The Citi Community Home Runs Challenge,” to the ballpark this season.

One fan per game will be chosen at random to have the chance to take their best shot at launching a t-shirt using a custom-designed Citi branded t-shirt launcher from the first base line over the outfield and into the Home Run Apple.

I was picturing it being similar to the tennis ball cannon on American Gladiators, and it's pretty damn close. Thanks to Citi for the sneak peak.

Don't worry, Nationals, they'll be some kind of restrictor on the range so fans can't go rogue and aim for Bryce Harper.

Each attempt will be “worth” a $50 Citi Perks gift card, so if the shot isn't made that game, that $50 will roll over to the next game. Once someone wins, the prize resets back to $50.

The pot could get extremely high, and I can picture this being a mid-inning game that grabs a lot of attention
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