Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mets in 10s: Best and Worst of an Amazin' History

Haven't read this yet but Brian asked me to post this in case you folks at the QBC that wanted to order it then, can pre-order it now...

Mets in 10s: Best and Worst of an Amazin' History is an upcoming book by Brian Wright, due out April 9 from Arcadia Publishing. The book features top 10 lists that chart the many highs and lows over their up-and-down journey – from the greatest left-handed pitchers to the worst trades to the best single-game hitting performances. All of the unforgettable memories and players are here in this unique look at the Mets' unique history. 

For updates, please follow the book on Facebook and follow Brian on Twitter and InstagramYou can pre-order on Amazon or on the Arcadia website

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