Thursday, March 15, 2018

Radio Sound Conspiracy on AM Radio

You know how Shannon “Fox Mulder” Shark complains about that noise on WOR during mets broadcasts? He seems to be 100 percent right. Just don’t tell him. He’ll then think Ed Marcus is the cigarette smoking man and that Mrs Met is Dana Scully.

Got this from a very reliable place.

“They are using a Voltair processor to ensure reliable ratings data from the embedded codes.
By using ridiculously high settings of nearly 20 or so on the device, sonic butchery is the result. No matter how good your receiver is, it sounds like the speaker has a rubbing voice coil! Most stations know how to use these processors and sound fine. Stations run by idiots that think stronger codes will make up for the low ratings from their sub standard programming are the ones you are hearing! Since only AM feeds need to be pushed to the max to ensure ratings credit, you don't hear the distortion on FM and HD Sub feeds since voltair is not in that program chain. “

Again don’t tell Shannon Mulder that he was right.

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