Friday, March 30, 2018

Mets Opening Day

 I was supposed to go to Opening Day yesterday but then got called into work. Man, did that suck. You guys that went look like you had a good time though. From what I could hear/read, everyone had smiles on their faces for the new season even if the weather wasn't optimal. You guys at the T7LA tailgate were great with entering the Game Used/Signed Seth Lugo Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS baseball cap raffle I had set up even though I wasn't there to be able run it. My buddy Randy and my sister Kristine did a great job raising almost $800 for The Browar Education Fund. Anothony Kass look like he went all out with the food again and everyone tailgating in the MTA lot had a good time.

Rusty Staub passed away yesterday on Opening day of all days. Keith Hernandez really took it hard. I get why though. He was very close with Rusty and supposedly just visited him over the weekend in the hospital. Keith even shared some of his fave moments from Rusty here.I am glad the Mets were able to win yesterday for La Grande Orange.

To read the articles from the headlines below, click the links(I am lazy today).

Mickey Callaway off to fast start as new Mets manager earns win in season opener

Calm down there NY Daily News. Come back after 20 games and tell me how my Mets are doing. One game doesn't make a season even though I wish it did.

Let's see some of the headlines from the NY Post now.

Amed Rosario in the middle of everything at bottom of lineup

I would hope so... That's his job.

Two Mets overcome nerves in first Opening Day starts

“I was a little anxious. I wanted the game to get here. And then for it to be raining and they cancel BP,” said Nimmo, the 13th-overall pick in 2011. “Just sitting here and getting ready for the game made things even longer.”

Watch Nimmo from the last QBC. You'll become a major fan.

Nimmo is a good kid. He deserves to be on the team. Plawecki too.

Yoenis Cespedes makes immediate impact in No. 2 hole

Who does number 2 hit for? That's right you show him who's boss...

Mets unveil their own ‘thumbs down’ sign, with results to match

Okay guys let's not try so hard with the Salt and Pepper Shakers.

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