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Cespedes antics, Rosario not playing, MLBPA Mets meeting.

This is the post that I do when I have "nothing". I "borrowed" the idea from I do link to articles and throw my 2 cents in though.

Cespedes Antics

From the NY POST
That is why Cespedes projects as the greater challenge. And to be around the Mets is to get the feeling that he believes the team works for him and not the other way around. For example, after a game Monday, two Mets media relations officials said they could get any player for reporters. Pause. “Except Cespedes.” I requested him anyway, and he was not even asked.
These are the eggshells the organization walks on around not just him, but also, I sense, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and even Tim Tebow. In Yankees camp, as a comparison, reporters ask Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton directly if they have a few minutes. With Tebow, there is a procedure to go through and maybe you get him.
Again, it is impossible to parse how much — if anything — this has to do with winning or losing. Though I will always believe accountability is a vital part of team culture.
With Cespedes, the Mets knew who he was upon making him the highest-paid, per-annum outfielder in history. The time to change him — or move on from him — has probably come and gone
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MG- I am not the biggest Cespedes fan. I have even stated in the past that the Mets shouldn't have signed him. This article in the NY POST is past it's prime. Cespedes has been doing his own thing since coming to the Mets in 2015. Ain't changing him now. I have often referred to him as a slightly
less talented Manny Ramirez in the past for he way his personality is.

Rosario still sore.

From the NY  Post
Callaway said he still hopes to have Rosario on the field for Opening Day, but acknowledged the possibility that could be impacted if he doesn’t return to game action soon.
“Now, is it gonna hold him out for the start of the season?” Callaway said of Rosario’s absence since being pulled from Saturday’s game with tightness in his left knee. “Four days probably wouldn’t, but it’s valuable reps and playing time they’re missing. So it’s a concern.”
Rosario and the Mets seem to have narrowed down the injury, at least. After initially reporting an issue with his knee, the shortstop said on Wednesday that the knee felt fine, but he was still suffering from a sore groin.
“Fortunately, I feel better about my knee, but maybe I was trying to take care of the knee so much that I felt some soreness in the groin area,’’ Rosario said through an interpreter.

Rosario added the groin began bothering him “a couple of days” after the initial knee injury.
He added he hadn’t experienced leg issues before and remained confident he would return to the field soon.

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MG- If he isn't ready for Opening Day, he isn't ready. I rather have the injury(ies) healed before getting him playing again then have him go down for the whole season, which is something that would happen to the Mets in the past.

Matz on the mat

When Zack Wheeler is throwing his curveball for strikes, especially early in counts to make his 96-mph fastball all the more effective, he still profiles as that front-of-the-rotation starter the Mets envisioned before all of the down time the last three years.
On Wednesday, Wheeler did just that, and his outing here against the Yankees was impressive enough to force the Mets’ decision-makers to at least consider re-thinking their plan for the starting rotation.
Which is another way of saying: Steven Matz is on the clock.
Mickey Callaway isn’t about to say that, of course. After Wheeler’s strong start on Wednesday, which the manager found impressive, he deflected questions about the starting rotation, saying “we have a battle going” that includes the likes of Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman.
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MG- I wonder if Matz is worried about hurting himself again, so this could b a mental thing with him. The other thing, maybe his arm isn't a 100 percent yet and he should start off in triple A for a bit.

Tony Clark meets with Mets Players
From the NY Daily News
The Mets had their annual meeting with MLB union head Tony Clark Wednesday and questions about the anemic free-agent market this winter dominated the talk, according to players and Clark.One Met said the meeting focused on concerns about the free agents still available, pointing out that their former teammate Neil Walker is one of the players left without a job this spring.
"That's hard to understand," the player said. "We know he's one of the 750 best players in the world, so how can he be at that free-agent camp still."
Walker is one of several free agents working out at the MLBPA sponsored camp, which Clark announced would close up on Friday. Among the other big names without jobs are Mike Moustakas, Jake Arrieta and Greg Holland
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MG- I get the concern from the players. Teams don't want to today these long term, big money contracts to older players anymore. As a player you want to make your money, which you should, but I think it;s time to try to go the way of shorter term, bigger amount contracts.

I would love to include stuff from The Athletic but they haven't written anything since March 2... Waste of a subscription.

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