Queens Baseball Convention tickets

Queens Baseball Convention tickets
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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wow. This is a Diehard Mets fan...

From the NY Post
Long Island’s Antoinette Cristina bleeds orange and blue — and she’s shelled out the green to prove it.
The 93-year-old from New Hyde Park is the Mets’ longest-running season ticket holder, dating back to the Amazin’s inaugural 1962 season at the Polo Grounds, when her nosebleed seats cost about $2.60 each per game, or about $800 total for the year.
Today, her family pays $45,657 for four tickets in the ninth row at Citi Field.
“I’m still with them!” said the feisty nonagenarian, who recalls Gil Hodges was her favorite player from the band of lovable losers who lost a major-league record 120 games that first year.

Almsot $46,000 a season for four tickets? Holy shit..... Def diehards..... I hope I am still like this in my 90's....

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