Friday, March 16, 2018

The Mets really practice plays like that and bad ass pitching...

Harvey likes Bad Ass pitching
From the NY POST-
One other important note: Harvey is digging the new “badass’’ beast-mode of pitching inside off the plate that pitching coach Dave Eiland is demanding of his pitchers.
“I like the way that’s been taught and told,’’ Harvey said, his eyes lighting up. “You look at all the great pitchers in the game in the past and present and they all go inside with authority and that’s going to be our motto. That opens up the whole outside corner for everything else, so it’s definitely nice. It’s fun.’’
It’s called pitching, something that used to be done all the time, something Eiland believes in so deeply that Noah Syndergaard said of Eiland, “He’s a badass.’’
MG- the new Bad Ass approach seems to be gelling with some of these pitchers. Maybe the Mets will be aggressive in their pitching now. Is this some old school baseball pitching coming back? Is this all a mirage because of the spring?

Plawecki practiced this?

From the NY POST
"Kevin Plawecki slid toward the Mets dugout, tumbled and in one motion flipped the ball to home plate, where his awaiting pitcher tagged out the runner attempting to score from third on Thursday.
It was a play Matt Harvey said he had practiced with Plawecki on the back fields at the Mets spring training complex but never anticipated needing in a game. Plawecki, with the perfect off-balance throw on the pitch Harvey had buried in the dirt, nailed it cold, a common theme of the catcher’s spring."

MG- DO catchers and pitchers really practice this sort of thing? Really? I had no idea... They have to be pulling my leg right? No?

Syndergarrd on Opening Day Start

From the NY Daily News

Thor didn’t exactly throw down the hammer of excitement when he met with reporters Thursday to discuss his Opening Day start, the second year in a row that right-hander Noah Syndergaard has been chosen to kick off the Mets’ regular season.
“Honestly to me, it’s just another game. That kind of benefits me, to just go out there and pretend it’s another game. I feel like we just put it on this pedestal,” said Syndergaard. “The hype gets a little overwhelming. Same thing with playoff games, wild card games. It’s just another game of baseball. You’ve got to put that to the side and go out there and have fun with it.”
MG- Opening Day is just another game to a starter, right? What's the difference starting OD or the second game? I don't see one.

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