Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Conforto Swings, Piazza Pissed, Reyes snitching...

From the NY POST
Michael Conforto’s rehab from surgery last year to repair a torn left shoulder capsule continued to progress when he took live batting practice Tuesday for the first time since the injury.
“It felt great,’’ said Conforto, who took 50 swings total — including 15 of live BP. “I’ve been looking forward to that for a long time. … I was pretty much swinging, I don’t know about 100 percent, but pretty hard, pretty freely.”
And the shoulder isn’t on his mind when he’s in the box.
“I don’t think about the shoulder,” Conforto said. “I really haven’t felt any hesitation at all. … I haven’t made any adjustments. I don’t believe it was my swing. I think it was a prior injury and a freak incident.
Frazier on playing the Yankees
From the NY POST
“When the season was over last year, I said I wanted to be a Yankee and I meant it,” Frazier said after going 0-for-3 in a 9-5 win over the Astros on Tuesday at First Data Field. “But that washed away once nothing happened with them. I wasn’t upset they didn’t want me back and I’m glad to be a Met.”
MG - In other words, I don't have to move from where my place was at the end of last season and i'm getting paid.... YES!!!!
Wright HoF?
From NY Post
"So Wright left more than games with the Mets on the table when his body began to betray him. When trying to identify Players A, B and C, Wright asked if any were still active. I told him one, and when he ultimately learned it was him, Wright said with a grin: “I’m just glad you called me a current player.”
He has played just 75 games the past three seasons, none last year. He has endured surgeries in that timeframe to his neck, shoulder and back — the one to his back last October to fix two bulging discs and remove bone spurs and a ligament in attempts to alleviate pain associated with his spinal stenosis. Wright had hoped to put off that procedure until after this career, but realized his last, best chance to play meant enduring it now. He has to allocate rehab time each day for both back and shoulder, and has yet to participate in any on-field activities."
MG- Wright said with a grin: “I’m just glad you called me a current player.” Damn... Come on David. We are rooting for you as a person and not as a player. We hope this doesn't hurt you in the long run.

Reyes calls trainer on Rosario
From the NY POST
Jose Reyes, who knows something about leg injuries, told Rosario to be cautious with his knee. It was Reyes who notified the training staff on Monday that Rosario still felt discomfort.
“We were taking ground balls [Monday] and he was telling me it wasn’t right,” Reyes said “I saw something different from him than usual. He wasn’t able to bend down like he normally does and he wasn’t moving his feet the way he normally does. I saw [trainer Brian Chicklo] and called him over.”
Read more here.

MG- YES REST UP...REEEEESSST... I'll pay SS for now until you are healthy- Jose Reyes

Piazza is pissed over rent for his soccer team....

Piazza went off during a press conference last week about having to pay rent to Giorgio Squinzi, the owner of the nearby Serie A team Sassuolo, who also owns Reggiana's arena.
The 49-year-old said he wants to negotiate the price down to something that's close to the Serie C league average.
"We deserve respect. We are not going to be pushed around by a multi-billion dollar corporation, the stadium was built for this team by these people," Piazza said.
Piazza added that he was trying to form a coalition involving the mayor of Reggio Emilia to negotiate a new deal, but nothing has happened yet.

MG- I was waiting to see that his team as playing at 126th street in Italy and was waiting for a second mall to be built Fredo Wilpon.

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