Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A @QBConvention Must Read. Queens Baseball Club Undergoes Name Change to Flushing Meadows Baseball Club.

This is a very interesting story.

Since Yahoo Sports announced their plan to launch their new service as the Queens Baseball Club, Dan and I have received dozens of emails, texts, messages, asking how this new QBC was affiliated with our QBC. Now that Yahoo has announced their name change we have been approached asking if we were involved. Rather than have someone else tell our story we wanted to let you all know directly. Below are the articles that talk about the name change. 

From the NY Post.
The Mets’ season might be over before Yahoo gets its new paid site started. As one of the Mets’ former managers supposedly once said, “It gets late early here.”
While it was originally announced as the Queens Baseball Club, it is now called The Flushing Meadows Baseball Club. No official reason was given for the name change.
Yahoo will still try to entice people with some insider benefits to go along with its Mets coverage.
“We are working to perfect the product, Flushing Meadows Baseball Club, while it is in closed Beta,” a Yahoo spokesperson said. “We will be launching for all Mets fans very soon.”
The Yahoo Mets site was supposed to be up and ready for business on Opening Day. It was first delayed as it and the Mets waited for MLB’s approval. Now it is just trying to get everything right.
You can read more here.

From Barret Sports Media
Before the 2019 MLB season began, the New York Mets and Yahoo announced that they would partner on a pay site that would cover the team and provide exclusive videos, podcasts and stories. More than a month into the season, the site is still yet to see the light of day.
The site was originally set to be called Queens Baseball Club. According to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, one of the results of the delay is a name change. The site will now be called Flushing Meadows Baseball Club. As for when it debuts, that is still yet to be determined.
The initial delay was for the Mets and Yahoo to receive the blessing of Major League Baseball. Now that it has been secured though, there is still no sign of Flushing Meadows Baseball Club on the internet.

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In complete transparency on this subject.

 We have both word marks trademarked. We brought this up to Yahoo when we found out about their Queens Baseball Club and about how similar it was to our trademarks and our brand. We have worked hard at elevating our brand of QBC/Queens Baseball Convention over the last six years and were at first bewildered at the announcement. Yahoo, my partner Dan and myself had numerous phone calls to try to work something out. Yahoo decided that they didn't want to confuse our brands and decided to change their name. Yahoo could see what the QBC means to us and our fellow Mets fans and didn't want to come in and not do the right thing. It is refreshing to see a big corporation come in and try to work with the "little guy".Dan and myself appreciate that they took their time to find a different name that makes their new endeavor stand out and we wish them all the best and look forward to subscribing to their Flushing Meadows Baseball Club when it is launched.

Once again thank you to all our fellow fans who support our QBC/Queens Baseball Convention.

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