Sunday, March 18, 2018

FitTeam ballpark of the Palm Beaches

FitTeam Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

Mets game yesterday. MJ took some pics for me down there. Metspolice the game happened.


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My @the7linearmy Jersey Came In

That time of year again folks!

Mets swoosh!!!!

Chain Stitching!!!!
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mets St. Patrick’s Day Hat

-I’m wearing this Mets cap from last year’s St Patrick’s Day collection at work today. Yep stuck at work.

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Game Used 1981 Mike Cubbage Mets Jersey

NEW YORK METS INFIELDER MIKE CUBBAGE GAME WORN 1981 HOME JERSEY WITH MEARS LOA.  This is a simply TERRIFIC  thick white knit with blue pinstripes home 2-button neck pullover jersey featuring the classic Mets sewn on front in blue material, outlined in orange.  Matching 3 sewn below left breast.  Reverse features much larger matching sewn with individual matching letters sewn on a white knit plate above, CUBBAGE.  TRight sleeve features the classic Mets sklyline patch. Thick orange and blue elastic trim sewn on the cuffs and around the collar. 
This jersey is in PERFECT shape showing nice overall use and although not noted on the MEARS LOA, it features a beautifully restored name on back (see photos).  Unlike the majority of these 1981 homes that were sent down to the Mets minor league teams and worn until completely beat up, this gem is in great condition!  You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer Mike Cubbage jersey in this stunning Mets home style with MEARS LOA for certain authenticity.  If you collect Mets gamers or Mike Cubbage game worn jerseys, this will make a fine addition to your collection. Bid with confidence. H. Blake Wolf Sports has been offering the finest game worn jerseys to the hobby since 1982. We have a nice assortment of other game worn and issued Astros,  Mets and MLB jerseys currently listed. Please contact us for International shipping rates ($11.50 is Priority U.S. Domestic Mail. Shipping to Canada via Priority is $34.00, Asia and other International destinations ~$47.00).  Payment is expected within 24 hours of Ebay invoicing.

TAGGING: The standard Rawlings tag is sewn inside the front right exterior interior tail area  (size 42). with a white fabric patch sewn to the left with thick blue embroidery: 3 (uniform #)  81 (year 1981) 1 (set 1)  

Friday, March 16, 2018

Columbia Fireflies Jersey Poll

This looks fun. I actually like the one that’s losing.

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QBC Flashback: Brandon Nimmo ( @you_found_nimmo )

Quick Flashback to the QBC this year and Brandon Nimmo's Panel

Just to get you even more ready for Opening Day. Let's go back to January and watch WOR 710's Pete McCarthy host the Brandon Nimmo Panel.

Brandon Nimmo QBC 2018 from Media Goon aka Keith Blacknick on Vimeo.

Mrs Met Tee, The7Line and Noah Syndergaard

Love the New Mrs Met shirt from The7Line and great promotion of sending a tweet to Thor. Someone close to me emailed me today and said I wish everyone would stop with the cuckolding of Mr Met and that made me think of this.

I can see this as the way to finally end the feud that was fun at first then got weird. Have Noah "buy" the shirt. Then have him walk up to Mr Met and pretend to start shit with him then just say, "Let's bury the Hatchet, I bought you this." Hands Mr Met the shirt hug and then they start bugging other teams mascots even ones in other sports together. Perfect wrestling face turn and then they have now formed a faction. You guys can work on the name of said faction....

The Mets really practice plays like that and bad ass pitching...

Harvey likes Bad Ass pitching
From the NY POST-
One other important note: Harvey is digging the new “badass’’ beast-mode of pitching inside off the plate that pitching coach Dave Eiland is demanding of his pitchers.
“I like the way that’s been taught and told,’’ Harvey said, his eyes lighting up. “You look at all the great pitchers in the game in the past and present and they all go inside with authority and that’s going to be our motto. That opens up the whole outside corner for everything else, so it’s definitely nice. It’s fun.’’
It’s called pitching, something that used to be done all the time, something Eiland believes in so deeply that Noah Syndergaard said of Eiland, “He’s a badass.’’
MG- the new Bad Ass approach seems to be gelling with some of these pitchers. Maybe the Mets will be aggressive in their pitching now. Is this some old school baseball pitching coming back? Is this all a mirage because of the spring?

Plawecki practiced this?

From the NY POST
"Kevin Plawecki slid toward the Mets dugout, tumbled and in one motion flipped the ball to home plate, where his awaiting pitcher tagged out the runner attempting to score from third on Thursday.
It was a play Matt Harvey said he had practiced with Plawecki on the back fields at the Mets spring training complex but never anticipated needing in a game. Plawecki, with the perfect off-balance throw on the pitch Harvey had buried in the dirt, nailed it cold, a common theme of the catcher’s spring."

MG- DO catchers and pitchers really practice this sort of thing? Really? I had no idea... They have to be pulling my leg right? No?

Syndergarrd on Opening Day Start

From the NY Daily News

Thor didn’t exactly throw down the hammer of excitement when he met with reporters Thursday to discuss his Opening Day start, the second year in a row that right-hander Noah Syndergaard has been chosen to kick off the Mets’ regular season.
“Honestly to me, it’s just another game. That kind of benefits me, to just go out there and pretend it’s another game. I feel like we just put it on this pedestal,” said Syndergaard. “The hype gets a little overwhelming. Same thing with playoff games, wild card games. It’s just another game of baseball. You’ve got to put that to the side and go out there and have fun with it.”
MG- Opening Day is just another game to a starter, right? What's the difference starting OD or the second game? I don't see one.


Just two weeks until Opening Day, and the boys are gearing up for the 2018 season with an All Star countdown. Former Mets outfielder and current MLB Network analyst Cliff Floyd joins the show, as Darren and Brian chat with him about his days in Queens, his transition to broadcasting, and what he believes this year has in store for the Mets faithful. Plus, the guys talk who has surprised them at camp this year. Fourteen days until games start to count, so get ready for the Show with the best Mets show around.An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. The comments section during the FB Live turns in to a live chat room, and the fan engagement is cool to see.
Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live each Thursday at 6pm Eastern. We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live stream on For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Former Met Ed Charles has Passed Away

Image from

From The NY Times

“Ed Charles, the heart and soul of the Miracle Mets of 1969, died on Thursday at his home in East Elmhurst, Queens. He was 84.

His daughter-in-law, Tomika Charles, confirmed the death, saying he had been ill for several years.

Charles was a vital member of the Mets team that suddenly jelled during the 1969 season, winning the World Series in one of the most surprising surges in baseball history and endearing themselves forever to fans who had suffered through the team’s wretched play since its beginning, just seven years earlier.”

Read more here.

Click here for the Recap of The QBC where Ed Charles was given the Gil Hodges award. Ed didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Really was awesome getting to meet him.

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iHeartMedia Files Bankruptcy

I know this isn’t “Mets” related at all but it’s something that caught my eye. How does a corporation like this lose money and have to file for bankruptcy? Maybe you don’t make every radio station sound the same? Maybe really use fan created playlists and not Program Director ones? Never any real new music on NY Stations, same old stuff over and over again. You guys also bought way too many stations and basically killed yourselves.

“iHeartMedia filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday as the largest US radio station owner reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to restructure its overwhelming debt load.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy along with some of its units, said it reached the agreement with holders of more than $10 billion of its outstanding debt for a balance sheet restructuring, which would reduce its debt by more than $10 billion.”

Podcasts, satellite radio, streaming music, iTunes were all your competition and you didn’t even bat an eye....
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Radio Sound Conspiracy on AM Radio

You know how Shannon “Fox Mulder” Shark complains about that noise on WOR during mets broadcasts? He seems to be 100 percent right. Just don’t tell him. He’ll then think Ed Marcus is the cigarette smoking man and that Mrs Met is Dana Scully.

Got this from a very reliable place.

“They are using a Voltair processor to ensure reliable ratings data from the embedded codes.
By using ridiculously high settings of nearly 20 or so on the device, sonic butchery is the result. No matter how good your receiver is, it sounds like the speaker has a rubbing voice coil! Most stations know how to use these processors and sound fine. Stations run by idiots that think stronger codes will make up for the low ratings from their sub standard programming are the ones you are hearing! Since only AM feeds need to be pushed to the max to ensure ratings credit, you don't hear the distortion on FM and HD Sub feeds since voltair is not in that program chain. “

Again don’t tell Shannon Mulder that he was right.

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Cespedes and X-Rays

From the NY Post

“On Tuesday, when Callaway was asked about Cespedes, he did not know Cespedes had undergone X-rays. The X-rays were negative.

If the cortisone shot works, Cespedes should be out of trouble for now.
When Callaway was asked if he was concerned Cespedes might miss the start of the season he answered, “No, just the next couple days.’’

Callaway knows how important Cespedes is to the Mets’ offense.

“He’s huge,’’ Callaway said. “You can put a guy like him in the lineup and he changes it, he changes the preparation that you have to make for advance scouting for the other team. It’s a presence that is felt.’’”

Read more here

MG- Did Callaway really not know about the X-Rays? Who didn’t tell him? Why didn’t Cespedes tell anyone how his wrist was feeling at first? Wouldn’t you know by BP how bad it feels? Where is the new medical staff and trainers on this?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bid on Mets Experiences and Items

Do you want to know what it is like to take batting practice on the field before a Mets home game? Ever wanted to eat lunch with General Manager Sandy Alderson in his Executive Office? Want to learn how to perfect your fielding skills with Michael Conforto?

Well, now you have the chance!

To kick off the 2018 season, the New York Mets and Major League Baseball Advanced Media are excited to present the Mets Amazin' Auction. This online auction will give you amazin' once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to take home a wide range of unique Mets memorabilia and bid on a number of can't-buy-this-anywhere-else experiences.

The Amazin' Auction also gives fans and supporters the chance to bid on incredible dining experiences at award winning New York City restaurants including a pizza making party for up to 14 guests at Executive Chef Michael White's Nicoletta Pizzeria.

This online charity auction will begin Monday, March 14 at 12:01 a.m. and end on Wednesday, March 28 at 8:15 p.m.

Don't miss out on these Amazin' items!

Bid here

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Minor League Baseball Announced Pace of Play Rules for 2018

Ready for a long ass post folks?

From MiLB.

Minor League Baseball to begin extra innings with runners on base, mound visits to be limited, and Triple-A and Double-A to use 15-second pitch timers with no runners on base
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Minor League Baseball today announced rule and procedure changes aimed at reducing the length of extra innings games and the number of mound visits during a game throughout Minor League Baseball. In addition, the Triple-A and Double-A levels will use a 15-second pitch clock with no runners on base.

The procedures, created in partnership with Major League Baseball, aim to reduce the number of pitchers used in extra innings and the issues created by extra innings games, including, but not limited to, shortages of pitchers in the days to follow, the use of position players as pitchers and the transferring of players between affiliates due to pitching shortages caused by extra innings games.

“We believe these changes to extra innings will enhance the fans’ enjoyment of the game and will become something that the fans will look forward to on nights where the game is tied late in the contest,” said Minor League Baseball President Pat O’Conner. “Player safety has been an area of growing concern for our partners at the Major League Baseball level, and the impact that lengthy extra innings games has on pitchers, position players and an entire organization was something that needed to be addressed.”

-At all levels of Minor League Baseball, extra innings will begin with a runner on second base. The runner at second base will be the player in the batting order position previous to the leadoff batter of the inning (or a substitute for that player). By way of example, if the number five hitter in the batting order is due to lead off the 10th inning, the number four player in the batting order (or a pinch-runner for such player) shall begin the inning on second base. Any runner or batter removed from the game for a substitute shall be ineligible to return to the game, as is the case in all circumstances under the Official Baseball Rules.

-For purposes of calculating earned runs under Rule 9.16, the runner who begins an inning on second base pursuant to this rule shall be deemed to be a runner who has reached second base because of a fielding error, but no error shall be charged to the opposing team or to any player.

MG- This is stupid. Just plain out stupid. Why not just end this in a tie and start a point system in the standings then!

-Visits by coaches and position players will be limited based on the classification level. Triple-A clubs will be allowed six (6) visits per team, Double-A clubs will be allowed eight (8) visits per team, Single-A clubs will be allowed 10 visits per team and there will not be a limit on mound visits for Short Season and Rookie-level clubs.
-These mound visit limits will apply whether the game is scheduled for seven or nine innings.
-For any extra-innings played, each club shall be entitled to one additional non-pitching change mound visit per inning.

-Official Baseball Rule 5.10(l), which governs mound visits by a manager or coach, remains in effect (i.e., a pitcher must be removed on the second visit by a manager/coach in an inning).

Definition of Mound Visit:
-A manager or coach trip to the mound to meet with the pitcher shall constitute a visit. A player leaving his position to confer with the pitcher, including a pitcher leaving the mound to confer with another player, shall also constitute a mound visit, regardless of where the visit occurs or the length of the visit, except that the following shall not constitute mound visits:

a. Discussions between pitchers and position player(s) that (i) occur between batters in the normal course of play and do not require either the position player(s) or the pitcher to relocate;
b. Visits by position players to the mound to clean spikes in rainy conditions; c. Visits to the mound due to an injury or potential injury of the pitcher; and d. Visits to the mound after the announcement of an offensive substitution.

Cross-Up in Signs:
In the event a team has exhausted its allotment of mound visits in a game (or extra inning) and the home plate umpire determines that the catcher and pitcher did not have a shared understanding of the location or type of pitch that had been signaled by the catcher (otherwise referred to as a “cross-up”), the home plate umpire may, upon request of the catcher, allow the catcher to make a brief mound visit. Any mound visit resulting from a cross-up prior to a team exhausting its allotted number of visits shall count against a team’s total number of allotted mound visits.

MG- In the majors this should make them lose a replay challenge.

-Pitchers at the Triple-A and Double-A levels will be allowed 15 seconds to begin their wind-up or the motion to come to the set position when no runners are on base.
-The pitcher does not necessarily have to release the ball within 15 seconds, but must begin his wind-up or begin the motion to come to the set position to comply with the 15-second rule with no runners on base.
-With runners on base, the pitch timer will go from 15 to 20 seconds.
-The timer shall start when the pitcher has possession of the ball in the dirt circle surrounding the pitcher’s rubber, the catcher is in the catcher’s box and the batter is in the dirt circle surrounding home plate.
-The timer will stop as soon as the pitcher begins his wind-up, or begins the motion to come to the set position.
-If the pitcher feints a pick off or steps off the rubber with runners on base, the timer shall reset and start again immediately.
-Umpires have the authority to stop the pitch timer and order a reset.
-Following any event (e.g., pick-off play) that permits the batter to leave the batter’s box, the timer shall start when the pitcher has possession of the ball in the dirt circle surrounding the pitcher’s rubber, and the catcher is in the catcher’s box.
-Following an umpire’s call of “time” or if the ball becomes dead and the batter remains at-bat, the timer shall start after the next pitch or play.
-Should the pitcher fail to begin his wind-up or begin the motion to come to the set position in 15 seconds with no runners on base, or 20 seconds with a runner on base, a ball will be awarded to the count on the batter.
-Should the batter fail to be in the batter’s box and alert to the pitcher with seven (7) or more seconds remaining on the pitch timer, a strike will be awarded to the count on the batter.

The first 15 days of the season (April 5-19), will serve as a grace period, with players receiving warnings for infractions. Beginning April 20, rules will be enforced as written.
“We feel that limiting mound visits and decreasing the amount of time between pitches with no runners on base will further improve the pace of play and make it a more enjoyable experience for our fans,” said O’Conner.

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Was there new Mets content from The Athletic yesterday?

Drum Roll Please............


Yes, yes there was!

Lots of things in this article yesterday. Talked about Thor starting opening day, deGrom starting game two and then talking about not needing a fifth starter for the first two weeks of the season.

Tim also wrote about David Wright, Cespedes, Tim Tebow, and Zack Wheeler.

Tim Britton actually responded to me on twitter yesterday.

One of my beefs about the Athletic the last few weeks there was a lack of content for a pay site regarding the Mets. Now Tim Britton was moving, so I get why he wasn’t as locked in on the Mets as one would expect, but the Athletic didn’t have anyone fill in for him for a few days while he had to take care of relocating himself.

Lindsey Adler has piqued my interest with her saying she’ll have some non traditional stories. I’d love to see how this turns out.

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Game Used 1988 Bobby Ojeda Jersey

Bobby Ojeda 1988 Mets road jersey

#19 on the back of the jersey, with "Ojeda" nameplate

There is a small stain to the left of the "O" in Ojeda and to the left of the "1" in 19 as indicated.

Rawlings strip tag "42" "T" "Set 1 1988", size 42.
The tag is located on the inside of the jersey and was flipped inside out to take a picture.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MLB FOOD FEST April 21/22 In NYC

MLB FoodFest is a two-day, indoor festival in New York City
that gives fans the opportunity to try dishes from all 30 ballparks.

APRIL 21 + 22
11 A.M. - 9 P.M.
415 5TH AVE, NEW YORK NY 10016


  • 2-hour time slots (11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm)
  • Includes a taste from all 30 ballparks, plus soda and water
  • All tickets must be purchased online. 


  • 2-hour time slots (11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm)
  • Includes a tasting of 30 ballpark food items (or at least as much as you can try in 2 hours), soda, water and 3 beer tickets
  • You must be 21 and over to purchase this ticket.
  • All tickets must be purchased online.

American League

  •   Chesapeake Waffle Fries
  •   New England Lobster Rolls
  •   South Side Horseshoe
  •   Flamethrower
  •   Chicken Shawarma Nachos
  •   Chicken Waffle Cone
  •   Brisket-Acho
  •   Japanese Pork Katsu
  •   Kurd-Marczuk
  •   Adobo Bao
  •   Monte Khrush Davis Cristo
  •   Toasted Grasshoppers
  •   Reuben Cuban Sandwich
  •   Chicken & Donuts
  •   Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos

National League

  •   Churro Dog
  •   Pig Pickin'
  •   Chicago Dog
  •   Fry Box
  •   Helton Burger & Fries
  •   Cheeto-Lote
  •   Bacon-Wrapped Plantain
  •   Cheddar Beer Bratwurst 
  •   NY Deli Pastrami Sandwich 
  •   Bulls Slider
  •   Pulled Pork Pierogi Hoagie
  •   Seaside Market's Tri-Tip Nachos
  •   Crazy Crab Sandwich
  •   Gioia's Hot Salami Sandwich
  •   Crab Grilled Cheese

Game Used Conforto Bat

$2500? What? Are you crazy? What game is this bat from?
Game Used Signed Inscribed Mets Michael Conforto Bat. Free Bat tube.

Are quad injuries the new obliques for the Mets?

From the NY Post

Zack Wheeler’s stuff has been electric this spring, causing Mets officials to privately gush about the manner in which the right-hander has performed.

But where Wheeler begins the season — Mets rotation, bullpen or even Triple-A Las Vegas — will likely be predicated upon how he fares in his final three appearances of the exhibition season.

Read more here

MG- Really? You mean the Mets aren’t sold on a guy that’s been hurt for a few years and had a rough come back. They should just tell him he’s number 5 starter right now because of his spring? Who in their right mind would wait until the Spring is over to figure it out?

An “A-Gon” conclusion

From the NY Post

As Dominic Smith remains sidelined by a quadriceps injury that has limited him to one appearance this spring, with fewer than two weeks of exhibition games remaining, the 35-year-old Gonzalez is preparing to begin the season at first base to resurrect a career that was in peril last year because of back problems.

Read more here.

MG- Is the quad injury the new obliques for the Mets? Everyone seems to have quad issues now.

Mets Pitchers taking back the plate

From NY Post
Mets pitchers are taking back the inner half of the plate under new pitching coach Dave Eiland with the blessing of new manager Mickey Callaway. They are going to pitch inside with a purpose, and sometimes they will miss in and hit batters.

Read more here

MG- I love this...

Let’s check in with The Athletic.....

Nothing new here. Same as yesterday.

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