Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mets Fan’s Guest Experiences

My cousin over at Metspolice has returned. After a self imposed exile from Citi Field he has come back to start his “noticing” of things that are wrong with the ballpark.

- We’ll go with mine first. I was in the Jim Beam/Promenade club trying to grab a Lil Sweet Chick sandwich and the line was crazy in there. The Mets need to make sure that Aramark is training their folks the right way. Raclette, lil Sweet Chick, Arancini Bros, Big Mozz, and Big Chomp Donuts are all on the same line. The line was slow and long because 90 percent of the folks were waiting for Raclette and the 5 people behind the counter didn’t mover anyone up by saying, “If you don’t want Raclette, step around”. It’s just poor training which I hope gets better since this was just the second day the stadium was open in 2018.

How do you run out of hot dogs and not have enough concession stands opened? You know what ticket sales are. Mets you have to get Aramark to get their act together. It’s not like this is 2009 and the stadium is brand new. You guys might want to lean on Aramark and get them to review their training and procedures.

Niko comes up with great stuff a lot of the time, but my usual seats in 102 I can’t see the main score board. The New Balance doesn’t bother me at all even when I sit with The7linearmy because there is other places to see the boxscore.

These seats should never ever be sold. Just tear them out or maybe put statues in the seats with really bad views. Now, I know Chris Brown, I run into him at almost every game I attend and I know he truly likes to be helpful to fans. I have a feeling he will try to work something out with fans that have to suffer in these spots.

I hate people coming down during at bats. That’s my call to arms usually. And I have to see where we are this season with it.

Opening weekend shouldn’t be an excuse for not being ready with with the stuff going on. Aramark and the Mets need to step this up.

Shannon welcome back to Flushing, maybe you can come back later on this season and see if anything changed

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