Thursday, April 12, 2018

10-1 Mets. Is this real? Am I dreaming?

As I was watching the game last night and the Mets were down 1-0, with Wheeler pitching, I kept flip flopping.  I’ve had the feeling in me from being a Mets fan for my whole life that this is where the win streak ends. This is where the the Mets lose it by losing 1-0 and getting no hit. This is the day that d’Arnaud was put on the DL and the 9-1 start was an illusion. Then the other thoughts popped into my head. This team feels different to me. This team doesn’t seem like it wants it roll over and give up. This team is going to get a hit and break through and score this is a team that found the right pieces in the offseason player ad coach wise. And that feeling turned out to be right. Even with the Mets down it was an enjoyable game to watch. Even if it was a loss it was a fun game. Trying to figure out who would break through and give the Mets a chance. It was awesome to see the Mets have Wheeler looking good again. It was just a fun game to watch. The Mets as of now have a soul that they didn’t have last year. This team feels different as of now and hopefully it stays that way all season long.

Side note- Guys that we’re boycotting (saying it wasn’t a boycott) because the Mets didn’t get the players/spend what you wanted them to spend. Just admit you guys were leaning in the boycott lane, didn’t think through what your purpose was going to be, didn’t think through your whole “Mets Fans United” before you went public with it, admit that you didn’t have a focus, and then I am sure people will leave you alone after that. As Elsa would say “Let it go”.....

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