Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mickey's Mets Magic Making Wins

Two catchers down and the Mets still win. That's good to see. Frazier had a really good offensive game last night. Matz looked decent. The Mets didn't give up again, after losing their lead, coming back and then the Brewers kept creeping up looking like they were going to tie/take the lead. Gsellman is just a beast right now. Familia is healthy and throwing well. What else can we cover?
Oh yeah. It's weird. After the Mets lost the lead to the Brewers when they hit that home run, I wasn't like,"Same old Mets." I felt that they were going to come back and win. Even when the lead was dwindling I felt the same way. I am def liking what I am seeing this season and want it to keep up. This team has confidence, talent, and purpose it seems. Mickey Callaway is using his magic and pressing all the right buttons so far.... Let's go Mets.

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