Friday, April 6, 2018

Main Stream Media realizes MLB alienating fans.

I am not a huge fan of Phil Mushnick but I agree with him on this. @metspolice has been pointing out how the MLB is alienating its fans. How about not starting the Northeast teams in their home cities in March? There are plenty of warm weather and indoor spots those teams could start out at. And stop with the Sunday night baseball!
From the NY Post
“And the Mets, already having had a game postponed to winter weather, will play Sunday at Washington, where the daytime forecast is for 45 degrees. But they’ll play, on ESPN’s purchased orders, at 8 p.m. Oh, and snow showers are predicted for Saturday afternoon’s game.
MLB’s commercially sponsored opening week hit its impossibly shameless low Wednesday.
This column has, for years, sarcastically suggested that if the money were right, MLB would take it to not televise games. And that’s what has happened. MLB took the money to allow Facebook 25 exclusive game “telecasts” — the first was Wednesday’s Phillies-Mets.
When Facebook’s proposal was set before commissioner Rob Manfred, his response should have been, “Absolutely not! That would be a betrayal of our fans, especially those additional-pay TV cable/satellite fans!””
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