Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Help a Mets Fan raise funds for his Kidney issues.

From Darren Meenan,

While hanging at the tailgate on Saturday, I was approached by two men. "Can I have a word with you?". Oh, man. What'd I do? Did we ship the wrong shirt sizes? Did they lose their tickets? No. Just looking for a little help. James Budgell and his brother Fred handed me a local Savannah newspaper clipping about James' son Liam. Liam was born into a Brooklyn family of die hard Mets fans that moved to Georgia back in 2010. Unfortunately, Liam is in dire need of a new kidney.
Liam had to endure Dialysis and is in critical need of a new kidney.
Read the rest of Darren’s Post here.
MG- I have been posting on here about Ed Kranepool needing a kidney, so of course I am going to post about Liam needing one too. If you want to donate here

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