Friday, April 13, 2018

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Mickey’s Magic 
As one industry insider put it Thursday, regarding first-year manager Mickey Callaway: “This guy can walk on water right now.” Even when Callaway guesses wrong — as he did Tuesday when Jacob Rhame was allowed to face Justin Bour with first base open in the seventh inning (Bour then homered for the second time in the game to put the Marlins ahead) — the Mets come to his rescue.
From the NY POST 

MG- I love the attitude that Callaway has brought to the team. The Mets needed a culture change and it seems like it did. I don't think he's a wizard or a magician. Mickey so far looks like he has a great feel of the game. I hope this plays out like this the whole season when the injuries and a small(very small) losing streak happens.

Wheeler back in rotation? 

MIAMI — Zack Wheeler earned another start in the big leagues. The righthander, who was demoted to the minor leagues this spring, pitched the longest and most dominant game of any Mets starter yet this season, beating the Marlins, 4-1, in Miami.
And yet, there are no guarantees for Wheeler, who became the odd-man out when the Mets signed veteran lefty Jason Vargas this spring.
“I would assume so,” Mets manager Mickey Callaway said with a smile, before quickly backing away from it. “But, we’ll have to see obviously. I think that Vargas is starting Thursday in another sim game, so the way the days line up there, we’ll just have to see.”
From the NY Daily News.

MG-  Hmmm didn't't we think Wheeler was going to be a starter and not Matz during spring training? Let's see how Wheeler pitches in a couple games before making him the one who brings balance back to the force.

Chances the Mets make the playoffs?

The Mets have a 68.9-percent chance of making it to the playoffs, according to FanGraphs, the baseball analytics website. The day before the season began, those odds were 44.9 percent. Put another way: The Mets already have improved their playoff chances from worse than a coin flip to better than two-out-of-three simulated seasons.
(The Nationals, for what it’s worth, have seen their odds tick down from 89.3 percent to 82.1, per FanGraphs.)
In Baseball Prospectus’ version, the Mets have a 52.7-percent chance of making the playoffs, fifth-best in the National League. Don’t forget, five teams per league make the playoffs.
But the Mets’ season is a real one that will play out on the field, not in a computer. Spurring their rise are the kind of contributions that preseason projections don’t take into account — which is to say, the Mets have had big games from all corners of the roster.
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MG- If you guys are in Vegas right now, how much do you  put down on the Mets?

Bobby Bonilla Hat....

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