Monday, April 9, 2018

A-Rod wishes he had more control of his free agency. “Wanted” to play with Mets.

I remember when A Rod was in the free agent market. It’s just funny how some people try to spin what was going on 20ish years later.
From the NY Daily News
Scott Boras, Rodriguez's agent, gave the Mets a list of demands before the team even offered him a contract, including a Shea Stadium office, a marketing staff, a merchandise tent at spring training, a luxury box and use of a private jet, according to ESPN.
Rodriguez insinuated if he could, he would have had more input in his free agency negotiations.Although Rodriguez's devotion to the Mets wasn't exactly a secret, the team was never considered a serious threat to sign him due to his large contract demands and requested perks.

Then-Mets GM Steve Phillips famously rejected the idea of signing Rodriguez because "it’s about 25 players working as a team."
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MG- A-Rod, you wish you had more say in your free agency? I guess you forgot who was working for who. Boras was your agent and you could have easily told him, “No. I want to go to the Mets. Let’s see what they can offer.” Stop with with this revisionist history and wanting to come off as more likeable and trying to sway fans your way.

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