Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mets, Nats, and Umps.

What is going on with the MLB Umpires so far this season? Luckily for the Mets the "bad" calls of the umps have mostly gone their way.  The strike zones have been a little inconsistent and the tossing of Rendon and the Nats Manager Martinez was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. Maybe I missed it but it looked like Rendon didn't really do or say anything that should have gotten him tossed.

The Crew Chief's explanation.

Crew chief Joe West offered an explanation for Rendon's ejection after the 3-2 New York Mets win.
"The pitch prior to the strikeout, he walked completely out of the hitter's circle, which the hitters aren't allowed to do," West said. "Marty said, 'We gotta play. You gotta get back in there.' Then when he called strike three, he threw the bat. You have some options there, and Marty felt that what he did was showing him up worse than what an equipment violation would've been, and that's why he ejected him. You have to do something or he loses all respect from the players. I understand that he could've (not done anything), but he chose that this was the penalty for what he did. So it was more involved than just strikeout, throwing equipment.
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As a Mets fan I am glad this kind of situation went the Mets way for a change. This is usually something that would happen to one of their players and would drive Mets fans nuts. The umps really need to get better.

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