Monday, April 9, 2018

My hatred for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball keeps growing.

I am glad the Mets won last night/this morning. Nice to see them hang in there and come back to win but who else actually saw it? What about the fans who were freezing out there? What about the fans that had to make the the choice to leave or stay after they found out the train line was shutting down at 10:30 pm?
ESPN, I get why you do it. Want the ratings across the country, but do the Mets or Nats fans that live across the country in the Midwest and West coast outweigh the number of folks who are fans that live east of the Mississippi? Nope. I dont think it does. I don’t think you are getting any extra eyes on these games that aren’t fans already of the teams.
ESPN if you are going to have Sunday Night baseball, why not start off the season with West Coast teams playing on the west coast? You’ll make those fans happy at least because they are already going to be watching. Also, if you do start on the west coast, you don’t have to worry about baseball fans and players having to suffer from hypothermia. Remember, baseball is a game for the boys of summer, not the boys from the frozen tundra.
You know what else was crazy? I watched Wrestlemania last night and the game was still going on after the main event ended.(It was a pretty good ‘Mania by the way)
Anyone know when the ESPN contract is over?

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