Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I noticed something with the Pride Night Tickets for Citi Field

Earlier today I posted about Pride Night at Citi Field and how to buy tickets. I noticed something different when I click through the BUY button.

This is before I clicked through. Everything looks as usual. There is a number and an email for a ticket person for group sales which you can usually find on a "group" night.

When I clicked BUY this screen popped up. You order your tickets through FEVO. FEVO used to be HOST COMMITTEE and was going to be the QBC sponsor the year we had the blizzard and had to cancel it. They then restructured a little bit later and became FEVO. FEVO basically puts groups in seats at events. You set up a group by buying a ticket (becoming the leader) and then invite folks to buy tickets through your group. You don't lay out any additional money out of your pocket for anyone else buying in your group. Host Committee is the way I was able to throw out the first pitch a few years ago because that was the "prize" for most tickets sold through a group at that time.   

Now I just find it funny that the Mets are using Fevo for Pride night and not just using their group sales folks. I might have to go kick the tires over at the box office to see what is going on with this. I really want to know the deal with this. Is this the wave of the future? How much of a fee or a cut is FEVO getting and how much more is it costing the ticket buyer?

Oh by the way, as of now whatever group's leader brings 50 friends, they get an autograph baseball.

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