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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ed Kranepool might have a kidney donor.

Ed Kranepool needs a kidney transplant (I wrote about it here) and someone seems to have stepped up.
Nearly a half-century ago, New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool popped into a Long Island summer camp and signed a happy kid’s baseball glove.
That youngster, now 55, hopes to repay the ailing ex-first baseman’s kindness with a kidney.
“The story is now Ed Kranepool is in need,” said the man who hopes to donate his kidney. “I’m 55 years old, and I thought, ‘If I could look out for him, I should.’”
The donor contacted officials at Stony Brook University Hospital, where Kranepool hopes to have the transplant, and arranged for a test to determine if his kidney was a match.
“If I’m a match, I’ll go all the way — 100%,” said The News reader. “I would want someone to do this for me. Why wouldn’t I do it for somebody else?”
I hope this guy matches up. I got to hung out with Ed at his home a few months ago when he was selling some of his private memorabilia collection to help raise some money for the medical expenses for this surgery. 
I was thinking that I might ask Ed to do a "Night with Ed Kranepool" with Q and A and signing with all proceeds going to help with his medical expenses. I haven't approached him yet about it but If Ed said yes to it and I tried to figure out the logistics do you guys think you would be interested in going to something like that? Let me know your thoughts.
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