Sunday, April 15, 2018

Updated- My Second Mets Game and the Concessions are still a mess.

Guys come on now. There’s no reason for this. I’ve been to many other stadiums and they move much more efficiently then the workers here at Citi Field.

What is the problem? Do you guys need to institute the old style grab and goes for hot dogs,hamburgers,fries, and pretzels. And the beer/bars have to look at IDs evertime someone wants to buy a drink.

Why not at the first time you show your ID you get a wristband that says I’M 21 and then you don’t have to show it every single time. That will speed up the process.

Come on guys, it’s not that hard. These lines with the concession stands are making it hard to get through to other parts of the park. You can't get to the bathrooms because lines stretch all the way across the Shea Bridge.

You guys told me this was going to be fixed. Doesn’t seem like it was.

Read about the complaints at metspolice. I didn't go deep into it tonight because I just wanted to watch the game without having to deal with this.

Folks besides tweeting the @mets tweet @aramarksports too. They need to hear how bad they are doing.

Update- Just spoke with my guy at the Mets. They hear us, they aren’t happy with what is going on and they were told that this homestand was supposed to be better. Keep hitting me and @metspolice up for stuff like this and we will keep bringing it to the Mets attention.

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