Monday, April 2, 2018

Updated: Just got clarification about some Customer Service and @Mets Opening Day/Weekend

 I was just contacted by someone in Queens with knowledge of the situation about Mets Opening Day/Weekend. Opening Day has been sold out for months. So the info I received about them being under staffed on OD wasn't the correct info. It was Saturday that was understaffed. Reason being it was one of their biggest walk/up interest sales days they have ever had. They sold almost 8,000 tickets then they had originally staffed for and couldn't pull folks in to work on time for that game. That's a reasonable answer to that. When I worked on Shea as a vendor you would call into a number a few hours before hand to see if they needed you or not. Between it being a Holy Weekend for folks and being told you might not be needed for work on a day, I probably would have made plans to do other things myself and not take the call to go to work.

 I was also told that the concession fiasco has been looked at and they are addressing it with the "concessionaire". Hot dogs should not have sold out, the lines shouldn't have been that bad on Saturday, and there are some operational procedures(such as how to expedite the lines0 are going to be addressed. They were also not happy that any food(such as Niko's peanuts were expired).Like I have said past posts Opening Day is a little crazy as far as new staff dealing with new jobs and live customers. Let's see how the games that get played this week get handled and then after that the next time the Mets come back home after the away games on 4/13 to 4/18.

Thanks for that someone that reached out to me to clarify a few facts. I trust this person and they have never led me astray in the past. Let's see how the Citifield experience  goes from here.

Update: Just heard from a second voice from Flushing. Your voices have been heard. Folks are paying attention and meetings were had today. I can’t talk about too much but from what I was told, I like it. 

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