Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Yahoo's Flushing Meadows Baseball Club is dead.

From the NY POST
The Post has learned that the Yahoo platform has gone the way of the Mets’ season — down the drain.
“We’ve realized that there are opportunities which have the ability to scale faster and give fans what they want quicker,” a Yahoo spokeswoman said in a statement to The Post. “We’ve learned a ton during this exploration and intend to use these insights to inform the future of the fan experience through Yahoo Sports.”
The Mets declined comment.
For the time being, Yahoo is not doing any deals with other clubs, which was the original plan when the Mets site was announced. Yahoo had plans to be involved in a number of sports.
Yahoo was set to pay the Mets $1 million, but sources said that since there was never a launch, no payments were exchanged. From the beginning, there was criticism that Yahoo was paying for coverage.
The deal’s structure was less about access for its reporters and more about creating events for subscribers with insider access to people like GM Brodie Van Wagenen.
It wanted to start the site during spring training or early in the season, but the finalization of the agreement, which included MLB, took longer than anticipated and the site never went live. Yahoo originally targeted Opening Day to launch.
Yahoo had announced the site as the Queens Baseball Club, but had to change to the Flushing Meadows Baseball Club because it could not get the rights to the original moniker.
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From some guy named Media Goon who co-owns the Queens Baseball Convention aka QBC

We have both word marks trademarked. We brought this up to Yahoo when we found out about their Queens Baseball Club and about how similar it was to our trademarks and our brand. We have worked hard at elevating our brand of QBC/Queens Baseball Convention over the last six years and were at first bewildered at the announcement. Yahoo, my partner Dan and myself had numerous phone calls to try to work something out. Yahoo decided that they didn’t want to confuse our brands and decided to change their name.

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